Thursday, December 6, 2012


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created 06 August 2012
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Hi everyone.. 
i believe u still remember this toy we used to construct when we were kids..? 
its time to order for your kids..!

just to share with u this LASY i've been searching for years for my kids. 
finally i've got it and would like to share with u all..

my kids love it so much.. they've been playing with it since morning. 

"The Most Effective Creativity Development Product From Switzerland"

why LASY?
** Develops creativity
** Increase intellectual abilities
** Builds self confidence
** Develops a high level of concentration
** Develop patience
** Helps your child become progressive thinker


our kids can create thousands of toy with this innovative set.

to order, kindly EMAIL with title LASY ORDER
to fathinmdnor @ gmail dot com 
or sms fathin -  0132002031

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Creating, imaginations..!

While everyone at MIL's home is watching DLCW for him Olympic medal, my little rayyan is busy with his imagination. Rayyan cakap, mama tengok rayyan buat hotel tinggi tinggi. nanti dah besar rayyan boleh jadi bob the builder.

Even without assembling the parts, kids can make do with their imaginations..!

insyaAllah, you will. one day, sayang.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Samples from the book

my son, Rayyan, with his bike and tracktor. some sample from the book, with help of Mr hubby.

Each set comes with 2 books. One sample book and one Lasy Collections

the first book, sample dari yang simple simple sampai lah yang complicated. penat jugak nak pikir nak siapkan satu satu design yang complicated. anak anak buat sama sama dgn papa dorg. siap boleh tau kalau tak sama mcm gambar. kids punya pandangan yg sangat tajam kan..

memang banyak sample best best dalam nih. yang paling best, sample2 collection dia still sama macam masa saya main 20 thn dulu. sangat lah nostalgia..! kebanyakan sample sample nih dari pertandingan Lasy yang diadakan kat Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore zaman kita kecik kecik dulu..